​Have you asked yourself, what makes a child to walk, talk and do all the things he/she does as a child, even without knowing how and without checking up on his abilities.

A child sees an adult walking and instantly picks interest in the walking ability of the adult, he doesn’t want to know if he has what it takes to walk, all he desires is to walk like the adult and he has a total believe on himself.

Should the child be realistic and analytic, he will discover a lot of inabilities on his own side in respect to him walking. Firstly, he doesn’t know how to walk and no one has taught him or showed him how. Secondly, he will discover that the adult has a lot of added advantage over him, such as; physical strength, maturity of bones and muscles, weight etc.

Come to think of it, the above differences between the child and the adult is so glaring and it is reason enough for the child to give up on the walking attempt and decides to wait until he can meet to the requirements of the  adult. But despite all the odds against him, he still decides to push forward, he refused to be realistic, he refused to be analytic, he has no added advantage neither is he favored, all he has got is the undying zeal to walk and a total believe in himself. He starts making attempts, he crawls he falls, he feels the pains he cries, lesson learnt and he tries again and again. He kept on trying until he was able to walk, run, talk and do other similar things as a child. Remember all he had was self-believe and undying focus.

The question is, what happens to this undying believe in oneself when it comes to adults?

The truth is, the adult allows his ability to think undermine this strong factor in him. He allows the idea of being realistic deter him from his dreams and aspirations. For instance, he sees someone he admires, instead of saying to himself, I have what it takes to do better than him, he starts being realistic. He starts saying to himself “come on, stop dreaming, you can’t be like him, can’t you see the big difference between you and him; he is white and you are black, he comes from a wealthy home and you don’t, she is good looking and you barely have a pass mark to beauty, he has friends and connections all over the globe and you have non, he speaks fluently and you can’t, he is well educated and you have little or no education”. He keeps counting the differences to himself and by the time he is done, he must have arrived at a solid conclusion and excuse why he can never have his dream.

The truth about life is, realistically you will never have all it takes to get to your dreams. But the good news is that innately we have it all. All we are looking for is within us. All you have got to do is to trust your innate abilities and remain focused on your goal and the sky will be your preliminary stage.

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