Riding on others does not depict the true meaning of success. Success ought to be guided by the principle of live and let live.

Standing on people’s heads shouldn’t be the yardstick with which you measure your success, it ought to be measured by your ability to be the best you can be in relation to yourself not to your neighbor.

One of the major causes of wickedness in the world today, is the idea of riding and beating down on people just to be at the top or acquire wealth. This mindset about success can be attributed to the notion of scarcity of resources preached by our economic institutions and analysts. They plant the idea of scarcity of resources on the mind of the popular masses and therefore everybody has to trample on each other just to get a bit of the scarce resources. It is now a do or die affair where selfish interests are projected above every other concern.

The truth is, there is more than enough for everyone on earth. You don’t have to dupe or trample on others just to get at it, just use your God given potential and you will have as many resources as you can manage.

Everyone of us is gifted and unique but nobody is above the other by default. It will be of a greater interest to ourselves and for the common good, if we see the world and everything in it from the view point of ‘live and let live’. 

Focus on yourself, focus on bringing out the best in you, and the good things of life will get attracted to you. You don’t need to stand over his/her head to get to the top, you don’t need to exploit him/her to be rich. Always give back to him more that you receive from him. Only involve in businesses or agreement that is beneficial not only to you but to your mate and the world at large.

There is enough resources for all that wants it. So you don’t need to exploit or trample on others to get to it.

The top is always accommodating to everybody that aspires for it, so you don’t need to downplay others to get there.

Success is live and let live, not live and burn others.

Remember, the idea is for you to live out your full potential by being the best you can be, not to dominate and lord it over to others.


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