It is not a question of how smart you are, but how bad you want it.

Intelligence is a good attribute to oneself but it needs other things to be able to be useful, and that is, sound mind and determination. Intelligence under the influence of a lazy mind is useless also is intelligence without a determined application.Intelligence under the wrong guide, can work against its possessor.

How about you and I that are normal beings without super intelligency, do we still have a chance to success?

The truth is, we have a more upper hand to success without intelligence. A sound mind and a strong WHY is all that is required of us.

Ross Perot, a self made millionaire was addressing the graduating class of a small university. He took on the finest students of the class first and warned them of their likelihood of not succeeding because of the comfort zone their intelligence is gonna offer them. Then turning to the rest of the averaged students of the class, he encouraged them to remain stronger and always aspire to be better. He said that the later students has more upper hand to success because they already knew that the rewards of success won’t come so easily, and so they are ready to work hard. They understand that they do not have any extra or superlative intelligence, so therefore they will be 100% committed and determined to achieving success.

The world needs your imperfection, that what makes you unique, all you need is to focus on the positive aspects of your imperfection(sound mind) and then a determination to override your weaknesses(focus and determination) to achieve success and self fulfilment.

If people like Albert Einstein and the rest can amount so much greatness on themselves without a single attribute of natural intelligence, then you and I can do better.

You are great and you can do great things, you just have to believe that.

Natural intelligence has nothing on you, with or without it, you are can do better.


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