Life comprises of two phases;

  • The humble beginning and
  • The glorious days

Life is made of roses and also the thorns that lies with it. Both are interwoven together, one cannot get to the roses without getting through the thorns and whoever that passes through the thorns must get to the roses.

Our daily life struggles is our daily success rituals. Without these rituals, we cannot invoke success upon ourselves.

The truth is;

You must suffer before you can smile

You must be broke before you can be rich

You must fail before you can succeed

But you can chose to place your focus on the later success than the earlier failure, on the later wealth than the earlier poverty, on the later smile than the earlier struggles.

The best way to pass through the huddles at the beginning is to see the end from the beginning and then focus on the end till the end.

Life is easy but one must make ernest effort to activate this soft part of life.

The end in mind, is your highest inspiration through the hard times of life.

Failure is not an end, it is a routine check up for success.

If you must have the honey, then you must be ready to deal with the bees.


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