It is no sin to fail, but it is a great sacrilege to remain on the ground.

It is no sin to experience poverty, but is a great sacrilege to remain in poverty.

It is no sin to feel sad but it is a sacrilege to remain depressed.

It does not matter what your past looks like or the mess you have gotten yourself into. The good news is there is still an ample time and opportunity for you to make amendments in your life and get yourself back on track.

Greater success and breakthrough comes after a massive failure and disappointment but you must possess the right type of mind for you to be able to see the juicy part in any life situation.

The one single thing I want you to understand and work on is that,no matter how messed up your life is, success can still be yours only if you refuse to be defeated.

Irrespective of your age bracket, your mind is still young and vibrant and can still work marvelously if put into use. Remember when you were born, you didn’t come with any age specification it was only here on earth that the attribute of age was ascribed not you. So don’t let human invention limit you.

Success does not come from physical strength but from intellectual strength and your intellectual strength is always faithful to you till your dying day.

The best revenge you can have is massive success. Prove to the world that you ain’t just a passer by on earth. Never allow anyone get away with the notion that you are good for nothing, prove to them that you can amount to greatness.

There is a whole lots of great things you can do only if you believe in yourself.


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