The very difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is the fact that the former never settles for less and does not take things for granted. A successful man believes that something good can and will always come out of Nazareth. He does not believe on the total uselessness of something.

The element of imagination and creativity helps us to make the right application and combination of things. It is through this means we are able to redefine things that has no use on their current state to a state of worth and value by simply changing their combination or reapplying them in or on a better platform.
Imagination/creativity is not a really a game of building new ideas but the reapplication of old ideas to a better and suitable state that will make it perform better. So you necessarily don’t need to create a whole new ideas, you just need to reapply the old ideas and theories to a new formula to perform a new and better function.

Never underestimate anything because others are not paying attention to it. Employ the use of your imagination and you will make something great out of those seeming irrelevant things. 

Great things often times originates from least expected source. You should pay more attention to that which people tag useless for most times, the greatest of all blessings and fulfilment tends to originate from them.

Nothing is, exactly as defined, there are always other better options and definitions to it, so always be on the look out for these better options and definitions.


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