It is far more better and healthier to compete with yourself than to compete with others.

Strive to become a better person than you were some hours ago, a day or days ago, some weeks ago, some months ago and some years ago. Strive to become better with each passing minute of the day and let the yardstick of measurement be your former self.
When you compete against others, it always ends up in more mistrust, hatred and dislikes either when you lose or win.

But when you compete with or against your former self, you grow and becomes better, achieving more and aiming higher. In this latter type of competition no enemy is created no foes are developed and no feeling of mistrust is developed. Instead you are loved more and your values increaseth more and more.

I propose that this is the highest and the best form of competition one can engage in. Compete against your former self and you will grow more stronger and command more love and followers from the outside world.

But compete against another, and you will slowly lose your trust and love among people and even when you emerge victorious, you are not loved and you will experience a tremendous feeling of loneliness. Because humans naturally don’t like being with someone who makes them feel like a failure/inferior or someone who constantly beats them at competition even when you mean no harm to them, the feeling is always there.

When you compete against your former self you win in all ramifications, but when you compete against others you only experience one sided and lonely victory even when you emerge victorious. And when it happens that you are at the losing end, the feeling is worst.

Competition against others might spur growth but in the long run, it will make you more misery and lonely.


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