The one reason you are alive is the one reason that you have A MISSION TO ACCOMPLISH.
Nothing is meaningful outside purpose, every of life activity or accomplishment draws its value from the confines of the GENERAL PURPOSE.
The end result of every PURPOSE is to serve others. While the means and manner of service might differ, but it is all rooted on the string of service to others.
Thus, to discover your PURPOSE. Simply ask, HOW CAN I SERVE OTHERS AND IN WHAT CAPACITY.

Remember the zeal to serve must be born out of willingness to serve not out of the need to make ends meet.

Then people can now offer you golds and silver in exchange for your quality services.

Seek first your PURPOSE and every other good thing of life will be added unto you.
Money and the good things of life are only hard to come-by when you operate outside the realms of your PURPOSE in life.

Save yourself of the trauma of acquiring the whole world, yet with no atom of fulfillment.
No amount of marketing strategy, business plan or retirement plan can save you if you are on the wrong path of your life.
I will tell you this,
All this marketing JIGIJIGI and business ABRAKATABRA are useless, if you don’t know your core mandate in life.

If you have tried every single marketing strategy and things are still not working out or if you have acquired a good number of golds and silver and still breaths emptiness, then it is time to go back to your root to rediscover and realign yourself with that singular reason for which you were created. 

And until you align yourself with your PURPOSE, nothing is gonna make sense to you. You will be clouded with the illusion of “the more you see the less you understand”

First thing first, discover your PURPOSE, before going on to work for that great company or becoming a marketing guru or a perfect business planner.
Every other thing in life makes sense once you are within the confines of your purpose, it is as simple as that.


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