It is said that the land of the dead is decorated with a lot of unfulfilled-wonderful dreams, aspirations and potentials.
Can you imagine how beautiful this earth will be, if a quarter of those dreams and aspirations were met?

When all is said and done, your regrets won’t come from those things you tried and failed, but from those ideas and dreams you never gave a chance to live.

We came to this life without nothing and we gonna leave, leaving everything behind. In essence we gonna lose hold of all that we have acquired on earth.

If that’s the case, then why is our favourite excuse for not living our dreams always born out FEAR; fear of failure, setbacks and temporary loss of our possessions?

I wanna live my life to the fullest, I wanna try out every single dreams and aspirations of mine irrespective of how stupid they are. I do rather experience some level of stupidity than experience nothing at all. Because at the end, nothing else matters apart from the feeling of fulfillment or emptiness with which i journey into the land of the unknown.


Are you scared of trying new things because of the fear of failure or looking different from the rest of the crowd?

Are you afraid of standing alone on what you believe in?

Are you so comfortable in your comfort zone that you don’t want to taste the bitter experience of temporary failures and setbacks?

Whatever that might be the case, just know that at the end, everything is vanity, nothing else counts apart from the knowledge of how FULFILLING OR EMPTY YOUR LIFE WAS.


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